In April 2018, Zimbabwe became the second African country to legalize the cultivation of cannabis for medical purposes.

Agrobinoids advised and supported Cannabinoids Zimbabwe for the application and obtainment of one of the first licenses granted in the African country.

By entering into an exclusive agreement with Cannabinoids Zimbabwe for the technical consultancy and marketing of its production, Agrobinoids has moved on to manage the 20-hectare plot located on the lands surrounding the Chikurubi prison, in collaboration with the Department of Penitentiary Services to ensure that all security requirements are met.

Cannabinoids Zimbabwe’s facilities will be adapted for the cultivation of CBD and CBG-rich biomass as well as the production of THC rich dried flower for medicinal use, all intended for export to key international markets.

A project will also be developed to research and develop new hybridizations between international varieties of cannabis crossbred with African landraces for future commercialization in the form of seeds and clones.