About Us

AgroBinoids is a company specialized in the technical consultancy of cannabis crops, construction and installation of greenhouses, R&D, proceeding of cannabis cultivation licenses (GMP, GAP), import and export of seeds and cannabinoids in all existing formats in the market.

Among our expert team you will find, from professional farmers to equipment specialists and greenhouses, architects specialized in the design of cannabis facilities and agricultural consultants, all coordinated by a skilled team of project managers. We design, build and supply all the necessary elements to get your medical cannabis business up and running, to optimize your performance and maximize your investment.

AgroBinoids is the result of decades of professional horticultural experience. Every cultivation solution we offer comes from years of hard work and hands-on training with scientists, researchers and farmers from all over the world. Thanks to this background we have assembled a team of experts specifically tailored for the development of the medical cannabis industry, combining the most efficient cultivation methods with the most advanced technology.

In recent years we have been working on developing the ideal environment for indoor growing, which involves the use of the best materials and the implementation of the most appropriate equipment, both to maximize the profitability of your production and to ensure long-term sustainability and yield.

In all these years of experience and international expansion we have built up an extensive portfolio of connections that we will be happy to put at your service to boost the profitability of your project. Among our partners you will find leading companies in their industry both nationally and internationally, clients whose projects are already fully operational, as well as consultants and experts internationally.